Indeed reckons AI will add the human touch back into recruiting

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In an effort to take on the likes of LinkedIn, which has recently received several AI injections thanks to its ownership by Microsoft, fellow job search and recruitment site Indeed has revealed a swathe of AI features.

Smart Sourcing, a suite of AI-powered tools for both employers and job seekers, is designed to make hiring faster, simpler, and more efficient.

In its announcement, Indeed added that the AI benefits from having access to almost 300 million workers.

Indeed AI recruiting features

AI is only as powerful as the data that it has access to, and Indeed hopes that its extensive user base can play a pivotal part in boosting the efficiency of the recruitment process.

Indeed CEO Chris Hyams commented: “Hiring remains challenging and inefficient…With new AI-powered technology, we continue to transform job matching and hiring.”

Smart Sourcing offers employers the ability to match with candidates, where AI-powered summaries provide recruiters with detailed insights into the suitability of an applicant. The tool scans the millions of workers to surface and prioritize qualified candidates, putting an emphasis on those who have engaged with Indeed in the past 30 days.

The announcement cites an external study that reveals that two in three (63%) recruiters have reached out to candidates who are not suitable for the role, representing an incredible amount of time wasted.

Another standout feature of the AI-powered recruitment tool is its automation of messages and interview scheduling, aimed to address the average of 13 hours per role spent by hiring managers on sourcing enough quality candidates.

Besides boosting efficiency, Indeed also hopes to free up more time for hirers to spend more personal time with connections.

Smart Sourcing is now available on Indeed’s website, where recruiters can sign up for a free 14-day trial.

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