HP released an AiO PC you can pack up and carry around with you

Picture of HP Envy Move portable AiO PC from HP's website
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HP has announced a new desktop all-in-one (AiO) PC that’s designed to be ultra-portable in a bid to keep the PC sector alive amid struggling sales and a general global shift toward laptops.

The HP Envy Move is designed to fit the modern workplace, which for many of us, includes more than one room in our own homes.

More than that, HP says this is the world’s first and only moveable all-in-one PC and clearly has hope and good intentions for a new computing sector as the world continues to hybrid work.

HP Envy Move is a world-first

Behind the 23.8-inch QHD display is a 13th Gen Intel Core i5 processor with up to 16GB of LPDDR5 memory. Storage options for the Envy Move go up to 1TB of SSD.

HP says that it chose this high-definition resolution to make the AiO even more useful: the company envisions these PCs being just as useful for streaming TV shows as they are for powering your day job.

There’s also a ‘Wide Vision’ 5MP webcam for getting users through those painful video conferences or speaking to friends and family – it lives behind a physical shutter so that users can be more confident in their privacy.

With a clear intention to become the only computer screen you need, HP has also included wellness notifications for screen time and distance. This functionality, and the automatic screen shut-off feature, which comes into action when you leave the room, is powered by artificial intelligence.

On the portability front, the PC contains a built-in fast-charge battery capable of up to four hours of mains-free screen time and a pocket on the back of the machine for storing the keyboard and built-in trackpad when on the go. There’s also a handle at the top of the rear, which remains out-of-sight from the front. For reference, its 4.1kg weight makes it even lighter than the already-light iMac 24”, which weighs 4.46kg, despite having a built-in battery.

The HP Envy Move is priced at $899.99 / £1199.99, and is available to buy now from HP and some major retailers.

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