Google snaps up software virtualization firm Cameyo to help make legacy Windows apps live on in ChromeOS

Google Cameyo acquisition
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In its latest move to prepare the ChromeOS ecosystem for a web-based future, Google has announced its acquisition of software virtualization company Cameyo.

The company says the deal aligns with its goal to simplify access to legacy applications, particularly in the enterprise space, within the ChromeOS environment, helping it prepare for a future in which access to applications will be web-based and not localized.

Google believes those using Cameyo will be able to capitalize on enhanced security and reduced IT costs, with the hope of giving workers access to legacy applications without needing to handle installations and updates.

Cameyo web-based future

A recent Forrester study, commissioned by Google, draws attention to the shift toward web-based applications. The figures indicate that nine in 10 foresee a future where applications are cloud-based, not desktop-bound, with nearly eight in 10 believing that companies not embracing this shift risk being left behind.

The figures very much paint a picture of the future, because currently around half of applications are client-based, highlighting the need for solutions like virtual application delivery (VAD).

VAD promises to deliver applications directly to any device, simplifying management and enhancing the user experience.

The acquisition isn’t the first time Google has worked with Cameyo, headquartered in North Carolina, as the two firms partnered in 2023 on getting VAD experiences fully integrated with ChromeOS, including integration with the local file system.

“This collaboration with Cameyo has proven incredibly successful in helping organizations transition away from cumbersome legacy applications, improving security and productivity," said ChromeOS Head of Product Management Naveen Viswanatha.

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