Google Meet could soon help you create meetings out of nothing

Google Meet adaptive audio
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A new update to Google Meet is set to make it easier than ever to create and launch spontaneous or last-minute meetings or group calls.

The video conferencing platform has announced it will be adding adaptive audio to Google Meet, allowing a group of users sitting together in a meeting room or office to sync up and start working.

The feature means users can join a Google Meet call using multiple laptops grouped closely together without worrying about awkward echoes or audio feedback.

Adaptive audio

"In this hybrid work era, we hear from customers that finding a video conferencing room to join a meeting is often difficult," a Google Workspace Updates blog post outlining the feature noted.

"Adaptive audio gives users the flexibility to join meetings when meeting rooms are not available, meeting room hardware is not working, or for smaller organizations, when there isn't dedicated video conferencing equipment in every room. This also gives organizations the ability to use non-typical meeting spaces such as lounges, cafes, and other impromptu locations."

The company noted the feature is able to automatically detect the presence of multiple laptops in the room and "synchronize the microphones and speakers for a seamless audio experience".

The feature will be switched on by default, and requires no extra admin controls to operate. It is rolling out now, and will be available for Google Workspace customers with the Gemini Enterprise, Gemini Business, Gemini Education, Gemini Education Premium, and the AI Meetings and Messaging add-on.

The news is the latest Google Meet update aimed at boosting the meeting experience. Recently, the platform added its “Companion Mode” second screen tool to the Meet app for Android and iOS devices, which it says will offer a, "quick, light-weight way to participate in meetings without opening a laptop" giving more flexibility to the way users work and meet even when on the move.

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