Good news - Microsoft Teams has finally fixed one of its most annoying issues

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Making sure your daily schedule is all set up for those important meetings or workplace calls is set to be a lot simple thanks to a new Microsoft Teams update.

The video conferencing service has confirmed its new change should make syncing your Outlook email calendar with Teams much more straightforward.

First announced in August 2023 but rolling out now, Microsoft says that any changes you make to your calendar in Outlook will be reflected in your Teams calendar in real-time, and vice-versa, hopefully signalling an end to any embarrassing mix-ups.

Microsoft Teams and Outlook calendar sync

In its entry on the Microsoft 365 roadmap, the feature is described as bringing real-time calendar sync and updates across Microsoft Teams and Outlook.

The update is rolling out now to users across Windows and Mac devices - and although there's no mention of iOS or Android availability just yet, if the feature proves successful, it should only be a matter of time.

This update should go a long way to fixing a major bugbear for many users, especially those who have to juggle multiple meetings every day, or who often get pulled into calls at the last minute.

Coming shortly after Microsoft Teams also unveiled a single location for admins to create and manage scheduled and on-demand calls and appointments, as well as the ability to to "pop out" any meeting you are on, so you can carry out other tasks while the call continues, should all help to boost its usefulness even further.

And if you do mess up and miss a call, fortunately Microsoft Teams recently revealed a tool which uses AI to generate not just meeting notes, but also suggested follow-up actions, alongside timeline markers so you can skip to the most relevant part of a call instantly.

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