Get ready — your Google Workspace subscription is about to see an unwelcome price hike

Google Workspace
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Google Workspace has confirmed it will be implementing price increases across its plans very soon, in news that was expected but will still pain users.

The news follows an announcement back in March 2023 that revealed a 20% increase across all Business tier plans.

Back then, the changes were only applicable to new customers, however existing customers are now being faced with the same price increases, according a new report by 9To5Google.

Google Workspace price goes up by 20% for all

Pricing for the Business plans stands at $7.20 for Starter, $14.40 for Standard, and $21.60 for Plus, marking a pretty considerable jump up from the previous pricing of $6, $12, and $18, respectively.

Enterprise plans are also not exempt from the adjustments, which started to roll out in 2023. Pricing is set on a number of variables, including the number of seats and the services required, but hikes of 38% and 54% have been recorded by some customers (via 9To5Google).

While Google had already previously announced the adjustments, the actual implementation for existing customers has caught some subscribers off-guard.

The company has also been working to adjust its pricing in order to better align local currencies to the cost of its products, aligning exchange rates to the US dollar. 

It's also worth noting that the changes reflect Workspace's Flexible Plans, which are payable monthly. Annual/Fixed-Term Plans continue to be charged at the existing rate.

Moreover, Google isn’t the only company rising prices for its customers. Many digital service subscriptions have gone up in price, including the consumer-focused Apple One plan, which went from $29.95 to $32.95 in late 2022, and again to $37.95 in late 2023, marking a 27% increase overall.

Ring, the maker of popular video doorbells, has also been in the new recently over its price hikes, which see UK customers paying up to 43% more per year (via the BBC).

A Google Workspace spokesperson told TechRadar Pro in an email: "In February, we announced some updates to our pricing that provide customers with more flexibility and choice. These changes reflect the hundreds of new features that extend the value we provide to customers, as well as industry-standard pricing practices. Google Workspace continues to be priced competitively, and we remain deeply committed to the success of our customers and partners."

The company's spokesperson affirmed that Workspace continues to be priced competitively and that Google is committed to extending the value of its platform, having already added more than 300 new features in the last year.

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