Speck's new ClickLock cases can seriously enhance your iPhone 15 experience

Speck ClickLock cases
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Speck has been producing high-quality smartphone accessories for more than two decades, and its latest range offers iPhone 15 owners the chance to pick up the perfect companion for their brand new Apple smartphone.

Not only do each of these cases offer excellent protection and extra style for your iPhone 15, they also innovate in terms of how you can use the phone – with matching car vent mounts, with wallets, with viewing stands, and with finger grips.

There are no shortage of iPhone cases to pick from of course, but Speck's cases – covering 17 different designs and 20 different colors – stand out, because they've been designed to fundamentally improve the experience of using an iPhone.

Speck ClickLock cases

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The ClickLockTM difference

Of the 169 cases for the iPhone 15 that Speck just launched – enough to cater for every need and taste – 57 of them incorporate Speck's special, patent-pending ClickLockTM no-slip interlock technology.

It works along MagSafe but improves on Apple's own wireless connection tech in a revolutionary way, adding an interlocking bolt that snaps between an iPhone case and a compatible accessory. It all happens automatically and seamlessly, and you even get a satisfying click sound when the connection is made. It's magnetic, and mechanical.

So, with a Speck ClickLockTM case around your iPhone 15, you can snap it straight into one of the compatible Car Vent Mount, Wallet, or StandyGrip accessories. It means no slippage in your motor, easy access to your credit and debit cards, or a simpler way to prop up or hold your phone.

Speck ClickLock cases

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These ClickLockTM accessories actually work with any MagSafe case that you wrap around your iPhone, but only ClickLockTM gives you that extra mechanical fixture that ensures a stronger connection. It's an innovation that no other case manufacturer can offer, and it makes a real difference.

All three ClickLockTM accessories, sold separately from the cases, come with soft-touch coatings, Microban® antimicrobial product protection, and a 1-year warranty. The Car Vent Mount retails for $39.95, the Wallet will set you back $29.95, while the StandyGrip costs $29.95.

Speck ClickLock cases

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Choose your cases

Whether you buy a ClickLockTM case or not, everything in the new Speck range has its own appeal. The Presidio 2 and Presidio Perfect-Clear cases come with 13-foot drop-tested protection technology, raised-bezel screen and camera lens guards, soft-touch anti-scratch coatings, and Microban® antimicrobial product protection. What's more, they're made from 50% recycled plastics, and have a limited lifetime warranty.

The only question is whether you want the grip versions of these cases for the extra hold, the clear versions to see the iPhone 15 design shine through, or the Pro versions which offer that extra protection for your precious smartphone.

Other picks include the CandyShell Grip, with two layers of cushioning and tactile grips – ensuring your iPhone 15 is super well-protected, as well as more secure in the hand. There's also the GemShell, a transparent case that's easy on your pocket and that offers dual-layer perimeter protection, and the GemShell Grip if you need something you can hold on to a little more tightly.

Speck ClickLock cases

(Image credit: Speck)

These new iPhone 15 cases with ClickLockTM are also backwards compatible with the iPhone 14 and iPhone 13, and the iPhone 15 Plus cases with ClickLockTM will work with the iPhone 14 Plus too – if you're not going to be upgrading right away.

Pricing is as follows for the Speck iPhone 15 collection – you'll see it's not expensive to elevate your tech. Even better, TechRadar readers can get 15% off their entire order by using the promo code FUTURE15 when checking out – this offer ends at midnight PST on October 1.

  • Presidio2 Pro: $39.95-$49.95
  • Presidio2 Grip: $39.95-$49.95
  • Presidio Perfect-Clear: $39.95-$49.95 
  • Presidio Perfect-Clear Grip: $44.95-49.95
  • Presidio Lux: $44.95-49.95
  • CandyShell Grip: $34.95
  • GemShell: $24.95

Find the Speck iPhone 15 collection here.