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Doxie Go review

Can this clever portable scanner justify its lofty price tag?

Doxie Go
Doxie Go can turn your documents into PDFs and export files to web apps such as Evernote or Google Docs


  • Small size
  • 512MB of internal memory
  • Can send to Google docs and Evernote
  • Works with Eye-Fi cards
  • Decent scanning results


  • Set-up guide not very helpful
  • Status LEDs are a tad confusing
  • Quite pricey

Doxie Go is a lightweight, rechargeable battery-powered portable scanner that can store scans as you go (there's 512MB of memory, enough for hundreds of pages) and then download them to your Mac or PC as image files, OCR-able PDFs and more.

But if you add the Apple Camera Connection Kit to your iPad, you can connect the scanner to it over USB; it shows up like a camera, so you just use the Photos app to import.

The Doxie Go + Wi-Fi is imminent, which adds a Wi-Fi-capable SD card to the scanner (actually a re-branded Eye-Fi card), so you can scan wirelessly, and also to more than just the iPad.

We used our own Eye-Fi card with the Doxie Go for testing, and found that we could wirelessly transfer scans directly to our iPad's Eye-Fi app without problem. Amazon UK is currently offering to bundle an Eye-Fi card for around £35, so we recommend this option.

Loading scans to an iOS device over a direct connection or wirelessly both worked seamlessly for us, and colour reproduction was good.

That said, the Doxie Go isn't without its niggles - things aren't quite as easy to set up as the too-basic quick start guide suggests, and you'll soon find yourself referring to the more in-depth guide online.

The status LEDs are a particular annoyance, and there is a distinct feeling that your life is slowly ebbing away while you're desperately trying to work out what they're telling you.

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