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FSC LifeBook Q2010 review

A flashy mobile status symbol, but not enough substance

The Q2010 weighs just 1.1kg and is ideal for frequent travel use

Our Verdict

It looks fantastic, but you have to wonder what exactly you're spending all that money on


  • Plenty of style

    Great extended battery life

    Good quality keyboard


  • Restrictive performance

    Smallish hard drive

For sheer style and flamboyance, there are few ultraportables better than the Fujitsu Siemens (FSC) LifeBook Q2010 (£2558 inc. VAT). With its glossy piano lacquer finish and stainless steel palm rest, the chassis gets plenty of attention when out and about. It's also very strong considering its 22mm depth and is more than tough enough for long-term use on the move.

One of the slimmest laptops around, the Q2010 weighs just 1.1kg and is ideal for frequent travel use. The 82-minute battery life is restrictive, but an extended life battery is included in the price. Increasing the weight to 1.3kg, it provides a fantastic 355 minutes of mobile uptime.

While performance fails to match the high price, the sleek chassis and corporate features make it perfect for style-conscious executives.

Mixed usability

Due to the small chassis, the keyboard is very compact but still comfortable to use. While the typing action is flawless, the tiny keys mean those with larger hands may struggle to avoid errors while typing. The touchpad is also small so, while it suffers from the same problems, proved responsive.

Using an ultra-low voltage processor from Intel's single-core Core Solo range, performance is far less impressive. Only suitable for basic office tasks, the Q2010 quickly struggles when multi-tasking or running background programs.

3D performance uses the integrated Intel graphics chip, but suits business use. With no built-in optical drive you can't watch DVDs on the move. A docking station is included with DVD rewriter for use back at the office.

Unusual for a corporate laptop, the 12.1-inch screen uses a glossy Super-TFT coating. Screen reflections are increased, reducing visibility in bright conditions. However, the screen is brighter and more vibrant than many of its rivals.

When travelling, an integrated HSDPA module lets you wirelessly get online at wireless broadband speed. Download speeds are nearly as fast as home connections, and provide a great way to stay in touch.

For such an expensive laptop, the 60GB hard drive provides low storage space. There's ample room for carrying business files, but if you like to take your movies and MP3s on your travels, the drive will quickly be filled.

If you have a large budget and style is more important than raw power, the FSC LifeBook Q2010 is the ultimate executive ultraportable. However, for many business users the high price and low power mean it's more of a status symbol than a serious corporate work tool.