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Averatec 4155 review

Although portable and stylish, performance is below average

Designed in white and blue, the chassis avoids conservative colour schemes

Our Verdict

Decently equipped but will struggle beyond light use


  • Very light laptop

    Excellent and responsive usability

    Images are bright, colourful and sharp


  • Low battery life

    Low graphics ability

Although Averatec is one of the smaller laptop manufacturers in the market, its laptops stand out for their low prices and eye-catching designs. Despite being one of its largest laptops, the Averatec 4155 (£799 inc. VAT) is still a mobile system.

Designed in white and blue, the chassis avoids conservative colour schemes in favour of a more vibrant appearance. Measuring 317 x 221 x 35mm, the Averatec is ideal for long-term travel, and its 2.1kg weight makes it a light laptop.

Unfortunately, this high level of mobility is hampered by a low battery life. Operated under test conditions, the Averatec ran for only 155 minutes.

More pleasing is the Averatec's excellent usability. With a comfortable and responsive keyboard and touchpad, the system is ideal for use on the move. However, the bottom of the chassis heats up a lot during operation, limiting long periods of use on your lap.

Built with an eye for the future, the system is powered by an AMD Turion 64 MT-30 processor running at 1.6GHz. Allowing for use of current and forthcoming 64-bit software, the technology shouldn't date as quickly as 32-bit hardware.

With 512MB of DDR memory and an 80GB hard drive, core components are adept. However, the drive's 4200rpm rotational speed led to underwhelming performance, scoring just 127 points.


This very low score for such a decently equipped laptop means the Averatec will quickly struggle under more than light use. However, since the system's target audience will be mobile users, there's enough power for working on the move.

Graphics ability is just as low. Using an integrated SiS M760GX graphics chip from Silicon Integrated Systems, the Averatec scored 180 points from 3DMark 2003 tests. Inevitably, gaming will be impossible, but DVD use won't be hindered by this result.

This is in no small part due to the use of a high-quality 13.3-inch Super-TFT screen. Despite a fairly common WXGA resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels, images are bright, colourful and sharp, making the Averatec visually a pleasure to use at all times.

Additionally, a dual-format recordable DVD drive is included for backing up data to disc. High-speed wireless networks can be set up using the integrated 802.11g Wi-Fi card, and home Ethernet networks can be configured at 10/100 Base-T speeds.

Despite particularly poor performance, the Averatec 4155 compensates with style and mobility. Although out of the question for high-powered needs, users with a foot on the road may find a decent travel companion with the Averatec.