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ATEN CS62DU KVM Switch with Audio review

Hassle-free switching between Macs

It suuports all peripherals including multifunction muce

Our Verdict

Inexpensive, effective switch with convenient toggle control and DVI support


  • Great value and easy to use


    No installation except cable connection

    PC and Mac compatible

    Handy one-button remote

This digital two-port KVM (keyboard, video, mouse) switch enables you to share one monitor between two Macs without having to disconnect your keyboard, mouse or peripherals each time you switch computers.

It also comes with a handy single-button wired remote to toggle between computers. It should appeal to anyone involved in bipolar computing, such as running one Mac for games and one for work, or running a PC and Mac through a shared monitor. With one of these you could pile your money into one really good monitor instead of splitting your budget in two.

This particular switch does its job well and at a good price. Not long ago an analog equivalent of this kind of bi-split KVM switch would have cost twice the money. A key point is that it's digital, with the obvious advantage of DVI over VGA being the better picture quality. It supports a maximum resolution of 1920 x 1200 at 60Hz.

Three leads come off the switch: two cables leading off to the computers and one for the monitor. Beside the monitor, DVI coupling are female USB ports and audio sockets for docking your keyboard, mouse, and 3.5mm headphone and microphone jacks.

You will need to add a USB hub if you want to attach other USB peripherals, and remember that these will only be available to one Mac at a time. Each of the other cables running off to the computers have male jacks and dongles.

With all this connected you simply attach the wired remote to the central switch and click the single button to toggle between Macs. The lag time between toggles is no more than a second, which is normal. No power supply or software drivers are needed.

This cable is easy to use and is distinguished by the presence of DVI support for such a reasonable price. And despite what it says on Aten's website, it is Mac compatible.