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Icecrypt S1000C review

Preview: This modestly specced TV reciever has more up its sleeve than most

Icecrypt S1000C
The Icecrypt S1000C is basic spec receiever for those not wanting to upgrade to HD

Our Verdict

A good receiver with some handy features like the conax card slot and the 12V power supply making a great choice for caravanners


  • Conax card slot
  • 12V power supply


  • Not HD compatible

We've seen many all-singing, all-dancing satellite receivers over the past 12 months and very impressive most of them have been. But there's still a place for more modestly specified receivers like the Icecrypt S1000C.

It's a standard-def receiver fitted with a Conax card reader, making it well suited for receiving channels transmitting from Scandinavian countries.

There's support for DiSEqC 1.0 and 1.2 motorisation and a symbol rate range of 2-45,000. Channels can be sorted in several ways including alphabetically, by satellite, and the conditional access system used, and there's a 7-day EPG with reservation option.

Connections include two Scarts, composite video out, SP/DIF and phono audio outputs and a UHF loopthrough with modulator. The receiver runs on a caravan-friendly 12V power supply. Test soon.