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Surfshark adds new privacy features to VPN

Image credit: Surfshark (Image credit: Surfshark)

Surfshark has added on two new services to its VPN service. 

From mid-June 2019, HackLock and BlindSearch will be introduced as Surfshark looks to build what its CEO coined a security suite.

HackLock is a tool that will detect traces of hacked personal information online. It will eventually evolve into a fully fledged identity theft protection service as early as December 2019. The only other VPN provider that has a similar product is Norton with Lifelock.

Blindsearch is an ad-free private search tool which will only display purely organic results with no historic memory.


Surfshark has one of the cheapest subscriptions for VPN at $1.99 per month (on a 2-year contract) and the additional products will cost an extra $0.99 per month. 

Par Kaz, the company’ CEO, has confirmed that other products will be added over time, possibly in a “Microsoft Office 365” setup; pay once, get additional features for free. 

The VPN market has matured significantly over the past two years thanks to some significant acquisitions (J2 Global’s acquisition of IPVanish) and powerful newcomers with a security background (Norton and Bitdefender to name two). 

This has caused encouraged existing players like NordVPN to add more features to reduce user churn by providing useful added value. 

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