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Smarter AI amplifies “The Voice of Alaska” with accurate, real-time captioning

(Image credit: / Ellyy)

Accurate closed captioning often presents a serious challenge for television broadcasters. Manual captioning can be time-consuming and expensive, while automated options tend to lack precision, potentially resulting in financial penalties, legal issues, and audience frustration.

An Alaskan broadcaster faced with these exact challenges wanted to find a solution that could deliver 90 percent accuracy in real-time so it petitioned for help from IBM. The broadcaster in question was KTVA, also known as “The Voice of Alaska”, a CBS affiliate in Anchorage that produces live daily news and weather broadcasts, as well as specialized programming highlighting the state’s people, culture, and history.

IBM agreed to help and introduced KTVA with its proprietary Watson Captioning Live technology - an automated speech recognition solution which applies smarter artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to learn words in context and continually deliver better results.

Download and read the case study to find out:

  • How Watson Captioning Live utilizes smarter AI and ML to deliver industry-leading caption accuracy;  
  • How IBM is revolutionizing the world of closed captioning through innovative and accessible technologies; 
  • Why IBM Watson’s captioning solution could be the best fit for your business, potentially saving you time, money, and resources wasted on less than ideal solutions, as well as freeing up your workforce to focus on other challenges.