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Toshiba announces T230 and T210 CULV laptops

Toshiba's new T230 and T210 lappies
Toshiba's new T230 and T210 lappies

Toshiba has announced the arrival of two new laptops in its ultra-low voltage range – the T230 and T210.

Packing an all-day battery life (well, if your day lasts 8.5 hours) and a slim-line design, the T230 and T210 measure just 17.6mm at their thinnest point and are an update of Toshiba's T130 and T110 range.

When it comes to chip power, the T30 is making use of Intel's i3 chip, while the T10 makes do with the U5400.

RAM-wise, the T230 houses up to 4GB memory and the T210 can contain up to 3GB of DDR3 memory. The T230 trumps the T210 again with its hard-drive capacity. Space-wise, the T230 has up to 500GB to play around with, compared to the T210's 250GB.


Both machines run Window 7 Premium and come in either a black (T230) or metallic red finish (T210).

Other features include Bluetooth, in-built webcam and 2x USB 2.0, 1x eSATA / USB combo port with Sleep-and-Charge, Multi-Card Reader and HDMI connectivity.

With pricing to be announced, the Toshiba T230 and T210 have a UK release date of July.