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Toshiba internet tablet in an organiser

Internet connection
Toshiba's new 'net tablet is a peculiar device

In an era when more or less any phone can deliver a decent internet experience, it's an odd choice to build a device that does just that but without the ability to make calls, yet that's exactly what Toshiba has just done.

The Willcom NS goes on sale only in Japan this week and is essentially a phone with a 4.1-inch screen for viewing websites, but with no facility for voice calls.

Book 'em

Instead, it gets online either by dialling up or through built-in 802.11b/g Wi-Fi, but that's not even the strangest part.

Willcom, the phone network that's offering the NS, is marketing the device as something to be slipped inside a Filofax-style organiser for a spot of 'net action in meetings and the like.

Holey show

To that end, the left side of the NS even has holes for clipping it into a ring binder. Moreover, at a hefty 160g, it's hard to imagine who would have a book thick enough to accommodate the tablet.

The NS will be available from 24 April, complete with a monthly subscription charge of ¥2,000 (£13.60) and a compulsory two-year contract.