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BenQ announces two all-in-one PCs

BenQ nScreen
BenQ nScreen

BenQ has announced two all-in-one nScreen PCs – with the i91 and i221 arriving in Taiwan, Japan and Australia in March or April.

Although there is no date on a UK arrival, the two all-in-one PCs represent BenQ's desire to plant itself squarely in what has been seen as a potentially big growth market.

HD and 16:9

The i91 is a 16:9 18.5-inch HD screen with built-in webcam, AMD Semperon 210U processor, 1GB of memory and a 160GB hard drive, and is available in Taiwan at NT$17,900 which equates to an affordable £360.

The 21.5-inch i221 is not out yet, but will also be a 16:9 HD monitor with a built-in webcam.

All-in-one PCs have not yet had the impact that many expected, despite Apple's popular range, but as people become more au fait with multimedia through their computers, the industry is predicting a major rise in coming years.

Via Engadget