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Report: Intel facing anti-trust censure

Intel - EC ruling expected on Wednesday
Intel - EC ruling expected on Wednesday

Intel will face a fine from the EU this week after the investigation into allegations that it paid computer makers to delay or cancel products that used chips from rival firms, a report has suggested.

According to news agency Reuters, Intel will face censure for two violations with the EU suggesting that the chip-maker abused its positions as the dominant force in the market to restrict the competition from main rival AMD.

The report suggests that the violations centre around rebates offered in exchange for using Intel chips over those of its rival and secondly for delaying or scrapping products using AMD chips.

Fine and dandy

The European Commission's anti-trust regulators were responsible for levying a $655 million fine on Microsoft over what it deemed to be anti-competitive actions in 2004.

This has led to talk of a huge fine for Intel, although the company has insisted that it has done nothing wrong.

Neither Intel nor the EC have commented on the story, and the full results should arrive on Wednesday.

Via Reuters