Zoom update could stop your company landing in serious trouble

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Zoom has announced it will launch a Customer Managed Keys service in an effort to help businesses remain compliant with strict regulations.

The company cites the healthcare industry’s HIPAA and finance services institutions’ Gramm-Leach Bliley Act and NY DFS rules as some of the unique regulatory requirements that specific industries must adhere to, which often means firms are required to store their data in a certain way.

In a blog post, Zoom's Group Product Manager Karthik Raman explains that “all organizations have a different approach to safeguarding important information and remaining compliant, and some need tailored security solutions to do so."

With the introduction of Customer Managed Keys, the video conferencing platform hopes to cater to a wider range of scenarios while “equipping [users] with the ability to protect certain data stored at rest within the Zoom Cloud infrastructure using [their] own encryption keys.” 

Zoom Customer Managed Keys

If you choose to use this new method of securing your data, files like cloud recordings, voicemails, and calendar access tokens will remain encrypted, but under your own key.

Zoom’s Customer Managed Key will cover the following productivity tools and assets:

  • Zoom Meeting cloud recordings (including transcripts and chat texts)
  • Zoom Webinars cloud recordings 
  • Zoom Phone voicemails and recordings 
  • Calendar access tokens for Zoom Rooms 
  • User calendar access tokens 
  • Microsoft Teams access tokens
  • Archiving for meetings and webinars

A statement in the blog announcement reads: "We strive to provide the tools you need to navigate today’s complex regulatory landscape and tailor a security strategy to your organization’s unique needs.”

From launch, customers who currently use AWS Key Management Service will be able to use Zoom’s Customer Managed Keys, which can be set up in the ‘Security’ tab of the Zoom admin portal, or from within Zoom Global Services.

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