World’s smallest arcade packs Nvidia GeForce Now streaming into a red phone box

Nvidia GeForce Now Mini Arcade in a Phone Box
(Image credit: Nvidia)

Nvidia has created what it claims is the ‘world’s smallest gaming arcade’, which is essentially a repurposed British red phone box that’s packed with the hardware necessary to allow for GeForce Now streaming (which is relatively modest hardware, as the whole point is that you don’t need one of the best gaming PCs for cloud gaming).

This mini-arcade-in-a-phone-box offers GeForce Now via a 5G connection, and a tablet plus gamepad to play on, along with an integrated mini-fridge for the all-important task of keeping the gamer’s beverage cool. There’s also a drink holder, and some Nvidia neon green LED lighting.

The phone box is in Manchester, opposite the Corn Exchange, as you can see in the above image.

Nvidia also took the time to impart some statistics on how keen the UK is as a nation of gamers, which is doubtless why handy access to GeForce Now is needed when out and about, and the ability to dive into a phone box for a gaming fix.

A thousand UK gamers were surveyed in total, and it was discovered that 73% had played a game during working hours, and indeed 44% nipped into the toilet at work for a quick gaming session – plus 10% admitted to gaming during their own wedding. Never mind playing games while getting married, though, we all know that the real hardcore gamers have their wedding in an MMO.

Nvidia GeForce Now Mini Arcade in a Phone Box

(Image credit: Nvidia)

Analysis: Latest off-the-wall idea for the UK’s old red phone boxes

Naturally, you can file this one under publicity stunt, but it’s a novel concept, you’ve got to give Nvidia that. Old red phone boxes throughout the UK have been repurposed as all manner of things – some 5,000 of these boxes, Nvidia observes. As well as a mini arcade featuring GeForce Now streaming, unused phone boxes have also been made into a bar, for example, or mini library.

Well, all this certainly beats the heyday of the phone box when what you could expect to find inside – aside from a phone (maybe, if the receiver was still present) – was a scattering of discarded cigarette butts, perhaps a dropped sweet, and one highly suspicious damp stain in a corner.

Nvidia also took the time to remind us of just how many games are now available to stream on GeForce Now, which is in excess of 2,000 titles. Momentum is definitely being gathered, and the latest additions include the recently launched Far Cry 6, and freshly arrived Guardians of the Galaxy.

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