Samsung phone ban hearing booked for Dec. 6

See you in court...again

The date is set for a hearing to determine if eight Samsung devices should be banned from sale in the U.S., according to a court document filed Tuesday.

At the behest of Apple, which is seeking the ban, U.S. District judge Lucy Koh has scheduled December 6 as the day the two sides can argue for and against implementing an injunction on the Samsung handsets.

All save one of the smartphones come from the South Korean company's Galaxy line, including the Galaxy S2. Several U.S. cellular providers carry the device and Apple wants a retail ban for each of them.

Koh oversaw the $1.05 billion patent trial between the tech giants and will continue to preside over post-trial proceedings.

Another date of import

Koh had initially called for a September 20 hearing to discuss Apple's product injunction request, but after reviewing Apple's motions to combine the proceedings into one court date.

However, the court will still meet on September 20 to discuss a preliminary ban placed on the Galaxy Tab 10.1, which Koh put into affect in June.

The Tab 10.1 was one of just a few devices not found to infringe on design, technology and trade dress patents owned by Apple.

Samsung has vowed to fight the ban and has even expressed willingness to alter the patent infringing features of the phones in order to keep them on the U.S. market.

According to various reports, these new proceedings could delay Apple cashing in on the billion-plus dollars due to it in damages.

Via Reuters and Bloomberg

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