More than half of office workers prefer email to the phone

More than half of office workers prefer email to the phone
Employees prefer email to the phone

The generation brought up using mobile phones are also the generation that's least likely to answer or use the phone while at work, according to a new study from communications business Daisy Group

The study of 2,000 office workers, found 53 per cent of workers prefer to conduct the majority of their business over email wherever possible, while one in six people choose to ignore all incoming calls on the landline at work – unless it is completely unavoidable.

The survey founder younger employees were the most phone averse, with a third of 18 to 24 year olds saying they avoided using the landline at work altogether, preferring to interact over email instead.

Across all age groups, a quarter of those surveyed admitted they lack confidence on the phone and as a result, on average, only six calls each day are made from their desk phones. With a third of people admitting that they use the telephone more in the office than anywhere else simply "because it's their job".

Most common fears of using the phone at work include never knowing who is on the other end, the worry of being caught off guard and the uncertainty of whether they'll be able to help whoever is calling.

Younger office workers are far more tech savvy

Andrew Goldwater, Commercial Director at Daisy Group, which conducted the research, said:

"Increasingly, people are shying away from human contact in the office, particularly younger workers, and we're starting to see the demise of the business landline and traditional office phone as a result.

"Today's younger office workers are far more tech savvy having been exposed to major advancements in mobile and online communications, which has in turn removed the need to use a traditional communications methods such as the desk phone."