Government urges SMBs to join IT consultation

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The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) has called on small and midsized businesses to take part in a consultation on the information economy.

It says on the website that it wants views from companies in the sector, both technology based and otherwise.

The consultation is intended to influence government policy towards the development of the IT industry. The common theme is that software, IT services and telecommunications services can play a significant role in promoting future economic growth.

BIS has published a consultation document that says it will focus on smart cities, cloud computing, the "internet of things" (in which physical objects become part of an information network), big data and e-commerce.

It defines the information economy as "the part of the economy where digital technologies and information combine to drive productivity and create new growth opportunities across the whole economy".

The document says: "The information economy sector is a significant enabler of other sectors.

"The use of digital technology and information is a key element of most parts of the economy which means the strategy has the potential to make a real difference, not only in the UK's IT sector but across the whole economy."

The consultation will run until 15 March.