Workplace revamps its website and iOS app with a new design

Workplace Chat app for iOS
(Image credit: Facebook)

Workplace from Facebook has announced that it is redesigning its website as well as the Workplace Chat iOS app to provide users with more a modern and powerful experience.

The communication tool's website has been redesigned to mirror Facebook's own infrastructure and this will allow the company to introduce more features down the line to help employees connect and collaborate while working from home.

Today though, Workplace has introduced several new functionalities and features including dark mode, full width mode, a better post creation experience, faster navigation and greater accessibility tools. System admins will be able to enable all of these new features for their entire Workplace beginning on August 12 though they will be able to set the start date to anywhere between then and September 23.

Additionally, the company decided to remove the “set nickname” feature that allowed chat participants to set nicknames for one another in order to lighten the infrastructure of the Workplace Website and Workplace Chat iOS app.

Workplace Chat iOS app

Workplace is also rebuilding its Workplace Chat iOS app to improve performance and productivity while also greatly reducing the amount of space the app takes up on users' devices.

The company's developers have completely rebuilt the app from the ground up on an entirely new code base and some less popular features have been removed. In their place though, Workplace is adding a dark mode, faster navigation and the app will now load messages faster thanks to its reduced size.

System admins that wish to be part of Workplace's early access program can choose to test out the app for themselves or for their entire organization by going to the early access section of What's New in the admin panel.

A new chat app and website will likely be welcomed by remote workers and system admins working to ensure that everyone can communicate and stay productive while working from home.

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