Work and play smarter with HP’s Spectre x360 laptops

Woman working on laptop in bedroom
(Image credit: HP)

Whether working or playing, almost everything is done on a laptop these days so you need a computer that’s powerful and flexible enough to handle anything you throw at it. 

But we all use them in different ways so you also need a computer that can understand how you use it and help you work, and play, better.

For a while now, devices have been able to use AI and machine learning technology to learn how we use them and adapt to better fit our needs. 

HP has brought those smart features to its newest lineup of Spectre x360 computers. Some models ship with Windows 11 out of the box, while others are prepared to upgrade to the new Windows 11 as soon as it’s available.  

The Spectre x360 comes with the trusted speed and performance of Intel processors. You can pair that with up to 16GB of RAM and a massive 2TB of storage for all your stuff. 

The larger 15 and 16-inch models can also be equipped with a crystal clear 4K display so you can immerse yourself in a good movie or show when it’s time to relax. 

And to connect to all your stuff, you’ve got USB-C, USB-A and support for HDMI and next-generation Thunderbolt 4 as well. 

Powering all of this is an all-day battery which is rated to last over 16 hours in the 13-inch model based on the Windows MobileMark Battery test. 

More than just top-of-the-line specs, the Spectre X360 lineup also offers intelligent software features to help you get even more out of your laptop. 

HP has implemented its new SmartSense technology into the Spectre X360 which learns how you use your computer and automatically beefs up the processing power when you need it for more demanding tasks, and slows things down a bit to conserve battery life when you don’t. 

The result is a computer that helps you work even smarter and more efficiently than ever before.

Even with all this power, the Spectre x360 retains the 2-in-1 flexibility you’ve come to appreciate that lets you work or play whichever way you like. 

For everything you do on your laptop, you need a computer that’s powerful enough to handle whatever you throw at it, but smart enough to know what you need, when you need it. 

HP’s latest line of Spectre x360 laptops learn how you work and power up when inspiration hits and slow things down when it’s time to relax.

Check it out here.