Why cloud migration doesn’t need to be as hard as you think

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Migrating your business to the cloud can be a daunting undertaking – but it certainly doesn’t need to be. Choosing the right provider can often mean that all the hard work is done for you before the process gets underway. But how do you find that provider who’s going to make sure that you’re up and running, quickly, securely and without a hitch?

First and foremost, business owners should always ask themselves: what are my business requirements and the needs of my customers? In general, an up-to-date product portfolio, extensive selection of technical product features and certified security measurements are indicators of a cloud service provider’s (CSP) trustworthiness and experience. 

Choosing a CSP

Following the implementation of GDPR and several data breaches like with Cambridge Analytica or Facebook, people are understandably more apprehensive about where and how their data is being managed. If your business is going to store or process data then security has to be at the front of your mind when choosing a CSP. In terms of data protection regulations, choosing a provider with local data centres in your country is highly recommended, resulting in faster available services due to shorter latency times. As standard your provider should offer state of the art firewalls, certifications such as ISO/IEC 27001:2013 and only the latest intrusion detection systems (IDS/IPS). 

Can you find positive statistics about continuous availability? Is it a well-established and financially stable CSP? In terms of the technical specs it’s important to ask whether a stable connection and continuous accessibility is guaranteed in case of a power disturbance? Plus, billing models such as pay-per-use combined with a short contract period offer high transparency as customers can precisely track their costs of the actual used resources and get a forecast for their monthly financial planning.

Migrating data from on-site to a cloud infrastructure can cause a minefield of issues which can cost you time and money. But it doesn’t have to be so difficult. Choose a provider that doesn’t overwhelm you with streams of technical features, but instead provides an easy-to-understand user interface. Even in this age of chatbots, automation and self-service, people still want personalised and direct relationships with their suppliers and business partners. Pick a cloud service provider that offers 1-to-1 consultation and round-the-clock assistance when you’re in need of guidance or have a burning question. 

Alexander Vierschrodt, Head of Commercial Management Server at 1&1 IONOS

Alexander Vierschrodt

Alexander Vierschrodt is an experienced VP / Head of Product Management and Commercial Management for Cloud and Server products. He drives commercial and technical success with strong analytical skills with international and multi brand teams.