Why buying a new office printer might help save the world

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Switching your office printer could be the key not just to saving money, but also saving the planet, a report has claimed.

New research from Epson has claimed that changing to a more up to date printer alternative could have huge benefits both in terms of your workplace efficiency and in the impact on the planet.

The company found that moving from laser printing to inkjet technology could save European corporations over a billion Kwh in energy consumption, cut costs by €134 million and reduce CO2 emissions by 409 million KGs each year.


Epson says that 2020 could be a "pivotal year" when it comes to businesses ensuring they are up to date with the latest environmental regulations, and its inkjet technology could play a huge role in that. 

Its report found that the annual total CO2 savings that could be achieved if all European businesses switched to Epson business inkjet technology is equivalent to that absorbed by 18 million trees in a year.

This is without taking into consideration how many trees could actually be saved from be turned into printer paper thanks to more efficient printing process - with that amount of energy saved being enough to power around 1.2 million electric cars for a year.

However Epson also found that many businesses are unable to upgrade to more efficient technology due to budgetary restrictions. This is despite the need to invest in new technology being ranked as the highest priority pressures being placed on IT managers by their corporate bosses.

“Making a small change to an often-overlooked piece of equipment could have substantial ecological and economic results, advantages enabled by our heat-free printing technology," Darren Phelps, VP of business at Epson Europe, said.

“A simple switch in technology can have significant human benefits. In corporations, resulting savings generated from our innovations are being used to enhance employee and customer experiences, help drive sales and enable new, smarter ways of working.”

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