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The Misfit Flash fitness band will soon control your smart home

Misfit Flash
It's surprising how useful a black face can be

The Misfit Flash may look like a watch that someone forgot to glue the face on, but it's about to become a whole lot more.

The affordable, long-battery-life (think six months!) fitness tracker will soon gain the ability to control devices in your smart connected home, from the lights to the thermostat and beyond, Misfit has announced.

Misfit's Flash will be compatible with a range of different smart home platforms and services, including IFTTT, Logitech's Harmony API, Nest thermostats, August Smart Locks, Misfit's Bolt light bulbs, and more.

Given it only has one button, the Flash's interactions with these devices will be limited, but it certainly goes to show what's possible with wearables and the internet of things.

These features will arrive gradually throughout the Spring, the company said.

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