Watch how ZTE Axon M’s dual screen transforms your daily smartphone habits

The ZTE Axon M is a revolutionary foldable smartphone with dual screens that reinvents the mobile experience by enabling true multitasking and delivering unlimited potential to consumers. Through four different screen modes, consumers can use the ZTE Axon M as a traditional smartphone or play, surf, watch, stream and more across or on both screens at the same time, without compromising anything.

What exactly is it?

The foldable ZTE Axon M is a revolutionary device that provides an innovative experience through dual screens allowing consumers unlimited potential in multitasking and more. Along with its unique capabilities, the ZTE Axon M also delivers a seamless experience for those wanting a great, everyday smartphone without sacrificing anything.

Why this device now?

Over the past 10 years smartphone innovation has stalled, while consumer habits have evolved.  Consumers now tell the difference between phones based on the logo on the back versus what it is capable of and the overall impact it will have in their life.  As the technology landscape evolves with faster networks, powerful hardware and seamless software, the smartphone must evolve to, and ZTE is leading this evolution with the Axon M. 

It's innovation at its finest

The ZTE Axon M creates an entirely new foldable smartphone category, one ZTE is dedicated in ensuring a seamless experience for both consumers and developers.  ZTE will provide regular software updates to continue to enhance the experience, which includes an update from Android Nougat to Android Oreo. 

Axon Passport M Program

The ZTE Axon M comes with the industry’s best protection plan – the Axon Passport M Program – free of charge.  This two-year premium protection program provides peace-of-mind for consumers knowing they are protected in case something happens to their Axon M.

Pricing and availability

The ZTE Axon M is available exclusively with AT&T.  Consumer can order the Axon M online right now at for $24.17/month on AT&T Next for 30 months, or pick it up in all AT&T stores starting November 17th, just in time for the holidays.  

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