Want an easy way to make your home smarter? Try devolo Home Control

Everyone wants a smart home but actually making your home smarter is sometimes a complicated experience. But that is a thing of the past, thanks to devolo Home Control. It helps to make your home that little bit more intelligent and can do it without you using much brainpower.

It makes logical leaps to do this. Say, for instance, you open a window then Home Control can make sure the radiator temperature is reduced automatically. 

Or, when you come home at night, lights can automatically turn on by themselves. Then there’s your smoke detector - what if it didn't just emit an alarm tone but also sent warnings by e-mail, text or push message? All of this is possible with devolo Home Control.

Greater comfort, convenience, security and energy savings

With Home Control, devolo has developed a smart home system where the benefits are threefold: it offers increased convenience, security and energy savings. You can control your home anytime through the Home Control app and the mydevolo online portal using your smartphone, tablet and computer - at home or from anywhere in the world.

Flexible expansion options at your convenience

The good news is that the system is easy to install without the hassle of routing cables and drilling. That is because the Home Control Central Unit is the centrepiece and smart components such as Motion Sensors, Radiator and Room Thermostats, Wall Switches and Sirens can be added as and when you desire. Not only this, devolo Home Control can be integrated with components from other manufacturers.

In all, the Home Control Central Unit can control more than 230 components - which is more than enough to make your home that bit smarter. Compatible third-party products can also be integrated into Home Control. In principle, these include all Z-Wave certified devices and smart Philips HUE lighting control, all of which can be controlled using Amazon Alexa. If that’s not enough, the system will soon include Google Assistant as well.

Smart rules and time control settings

The individual components are connected in the Home Control app or in the mydevolo online portal. They are connected, for example, by intuitive "if-then" commands: IF the Water Sensor detects an alarm, THEN Home Control will send a message to your smartphone immediately.

Alternatively, the user sets up intelligent time control settings easily using drag & drop: Monday through Friday, the bathroom is comfortably warm between 6:15 am and 8:00am, then the Radiator Thermostat automatically reduces the temperature. When you sleep in on the weekend, heating is set to come on later after a much needed lie in. Once initially set up, home automation will function by itself.

Keep an eye on your home directly via the app

The great news is that when you use Home Control, users remain in control of their smart home at any time. You can have web-based control using mydevolo or control things using the Home Control app. It gives you remote control of electrical devices, lighting and radiators from anywhere in the world.

The app also allows a quick glance into your four walls so you can answer all those niggling questions. Are all the windows closed? Is the temperature set correctly in every room? Was a door opened without permission? A quick glance at the Home Control app tells you everything you need to know and will give you peace of mind.

Set up your smart home in no time

Get started with your smart home journey with the devolo Home Control Starter Pack. The practical kit includes the Home Control Central Unit, a Door/Window Contact and a Smart Metering Plug. 

You can buy the Home Control Starter Pack for £179.99. Find out more here.