VPN users not affected by new Netflix password sharing rules - for now

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Following recent promises to crack down on account sharing, the Netflix password-sharing strategy has finally arrived. However, users connecting with one of the best Netflix VPN services seem to evade the provision – at least for now. 

The new rules seem to suggest that Netflix has chosen to target households, rather than users. Initially testing in five Latin American countries, customers will be charged an extra fee if they use an account for more than two weeks outside of their primary residence.   

"VPN usage is likely to not affect this move as the proposed Netflix settings will be looking for a unique and primary TV device to watch the account on rather than a location setting with other devices," Global Cyber Security Advisor at ESET Jake Moore told TechRadar Pro

Why do people use a Netflix VPN?

Moore believes that this move could also be beneficial from a security point of view. "It may seem like Netflix is choosing to increase profits by banning the use of account sharing in multiple households but this is also a timely reminder to never share passwords with others as well as keeping all passwords unique and complex.” 

While there are a ton of movies and TV series available on your Netflix catalog, many more shows are only available for certain countries. This is because streaming platforms like Netflix apply geo-restrictions on its content for copyright reasons.

This is probably why an increasing number of people are turning to the best VPN services to enlarge their choice of TV entertainment. According to a recent TechRadar Pro survey, around 40% of respondents use a streaming VPN to access foreign content. 

Developed as a way to boost online privacy, a VPN masks your real IP address so that your activities cannot be traced back. However, this also means that Netflix will be tricked to think you're in a completely different region and it will show you only the content available for that specific area.

Whether you want to travel the world of entertainment from your sofa or never miss the last episode of your favorite TV show when you travel, a Netflix VPN is the tool you want to do this job for you.  

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What to look for in a Netflix VPN

There are a few things to consider before taking your Netflix VPN's pick. 

First of all, connection speeds. It goes without saying that video streaming is an activity that needs good performance levels. Nobody likes to watch a movie that keeps stopping because it cannot be downloaded properly. Among the fastest VPN services around, NordVPN is currently at the top of our list.  

Even though circumventing geo-restrictions is neither illegal nor leads to your account's reversal, it still is against Netflix terms and conditions. This means that the streaming platform is working hard to prevent people from using VPNs. 

Therefore, you need to look for providers that offer top-notch obfuscation technology. This will make your VPN traffic look like normal traffic to evade VPN blocks. Both ExpressVPN and Surfshark are among the providers offering this feature. 

Last but not least, you want to pick a service that supports different types of devices - from smartphones, to tablets, laptops, smart TVs and streaming sticks. 

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