Vodafone uses Oracle's cloud policy platform to manage 5G

(Image credit: Christoph Scholz/Flickr)

Vodafone will use Oracle’s cloud-native network policy management platform to accelerate the provision of 5G services to customers and more efficiently manage the network using real time data analytics.

The Newbury-based operator will be able to intelligently optimise network resources and make more intelligent policy decisions using a range of metrics. On top of that, it should be easier and quicker for Vodafone to roll out new 5G applications.

Oracle’s platform, which combines both the 5G Core Policy Control Function (PCF) and the Policy and Charging Rules Function (PCRF), will also be able to ensure businesses and consumers have access to the optimum network based on their needs.

Vodafone Oracle 

For example, some users might be using their connection to connect smart devices while others will be using it for streaming or gaming. Oracle’s technology can automatically prioritise applications that require low latency to edge data networks and automatically optimise network policies. The platform will also ensure that Vodafone’s 4G and 5G networks combine to offer a seamless experience for customers, regardless of which network they are accessing.

In the 5G era, automation and scalable platforms are essential for operators to cope with the explosion in the number of devices and data using the network and to ensure reliability and low latency. Cloud technologies are helping all operators achieve that level of flexibility.

“Moving to ‘cloud native’ is a culture shift as much as it is a technology shift for a techcomms company like Vodafone,” said Andrea Dona, chief network officer at Vodafone UK, referencing the fact the company wants to be seen as a technology company, not just a mobile operator. “Our partners must demonstrate flexibility and agility, as well as aligning to our vision of how technology will augment and support tomorrow’s digital society.”

“5G undoubtedly opens the door for endless new ways to engage with our world, but intelligent policy management is the entryway to capitalise on these opportunities,” said Andrew Morawski, senior vice president and general manager, Oracle Communications, Networks. “Our 5G and cloud capabilities are helping Vodafone to build a future-proof network that is automated, easier to scale, simpler to operate, and more cost-effective.”


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