Vodafone launches a super-powered private 5G network for your business

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Businesses looking for a connectivity boost can now get their own, super-powered private 5G network courtesy of Vodafone. 

The telecommunications giant has announced a new Mobile Private Network (MPN) offering in hopes of boosting corporate network connectivity and through it - digital transformation.

Vodafone says its MPN offering includes both indoor and outdoor Radio Access Network (RAN) infrastructure, 5G non-standalone and 5G standalone connectivity, and on-site network core infrastructure or access to Vodafone’s core network, including the ability to integrate and utilize Vodafone’s Multi-access Edge Compute (MEC) solutions.

Many benefits

If need be, Vodafone says, MPN can also connect to the company’s wider public network. Furthermore, businesses can expect a solid management platform to visualize data across the network and connected applications, to optimize and reconfigure network operations and parameters, provision new services, as well as to automate various functions, applications, or operations. Also, MPN comes with “enhanced cyber security” with customer sites being managed by the same cybersecurity team that safeguards Vodafone’s wider network operations.

Finally, businesses can expect strong customer support with ongoing managed services, a 24/7 helpdesk, data insight, analysis, real-time monitoring, early warning intelligence, updates, maintenance advice, and other forms of support.

With MPNs, businesses and organizations get to customize network performance and characteristics as they see fit. “This has great potential to accelerate digitisation and act as a catalyst for economic growth across the UK,” the company said in the press release.

By installing dedicated on-site gear, businesses can tweak their connectivity experience, allowing only certain endpoints and applications to connect. That way, businesses eliminate network congestion, while tweaking functionality and improving security.

“MPNs can offer significant benefits across several industries, including manufacturing, healthcare and transport, and logistics,” the company concludes. “MPNs are set up to enable use cases such as asset tracking, drone detection, machine-to-machine connectivity, condition monitoring, augmented and virtual reality, and many more.”

Sead Fadilpašić

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