Vodafone boosts global network with SDN upgrade

(Image credit: Shutterstock)

Vodafone has made a significant software upgrade across its global transport network, increasing capacity and futureproofing its infrastructure against anticipated demand from consumer and broadband customers.

The operator applied Software Defined Networking (SDN) across its IP and optical networks, creating automated and programmable infrastructure that orchestrates and directs mobile and fixed data traffic.

SDN and automation are essential if operators are going to cope with the anticipated growth in traffic, support huge numbers of devices, and introduce and provision new services at scale that is beyond human capability.

Vodafone network

Vodafone says the result is that the network effectively behaves like a super computer, helping to carry up to 250TB of traffic at any single moment in time, connecting consumers and businesses to thousands of base stations and first and third-party data centres.

An added benefit is that Vodafone will be able to manage multinational customers from a single system and provide universal contracts that make it easier for partners to offer global services.

“This software upgrade gives us a single view on the section of the transport network connecting people and machines globally. It will allow us to provide even faster and more secure connectivity across Europe and to other regions. We can continually and automatically adapt to dynamic peaks in traffic worldwide, whether they are due to people returning to the office or live streaming major sports events.”

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