Vodafone and Cisco offer enterprise grade connectivity for SMBs

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Vodafone says its new ‘Complete Connectivity’ package will provide more secure and resilient broadband and Wi-Fi to SMBs who want more sophisticated networking capabilities in an increasingly digitised society.

The pandemic has elevated the role of connectivity at home and in the office, as consumers increasingly demand digital experiences, and many businesses shift to a hybrid working model.

This increased reliance on technology means businesses of all sizes are dependent on their connections, but SMBs have traditionally been forced to choose between enterprise services that are designed for larger organisations or home broadband products focused on consumer needs.

Vodafone SMB

Several providers have adjusted their offerings to reflect the changes in the market and Vodafone hopes its offering will deliver enterprise-grade technology to SMBs with up to 250 employees that lack the internal resources to deploy it themselves.

‘Complete Connectivity’ offers speeds of up to 76Mbps and automatically switches to Vodafone’s 4G network if there is an outage, mitigating the threat of disruption. 

This feature is increasingly common in the market and matches the converged features included with similar SMB broadband services from BT and Sky.

The operator has teamed up with Cisco to provide advanced security, cloud-based analytics and Wi-Fi management capabilities through its Meraki platform. This means SMBs can use simple tools to optimise and manage their network, troubleshoot issues, and stay secure through continuous updates that protect against cyberattacks.

With SMBs increasingly reliant on technology and with workforces spread across different sites and away from traditional network defences, such protection will be significant.

Interoperability with other Meraki technology means businesses can easily scale their networks with Wi-Fi 6 access points and other connected devices, even across multiple sites. This will help support hybrid workforce and smart building strategies, driving efficiencies.

“Our small business customers are constantly telling us how much they rely on a secure and reliable broadband connection to conduct business effectively,” said Andrew Stevens, Head of Small Business, Vodafone UK. “That’s why we’re delighted to be launching this new solution with Cisco which enables business customers to easily run a reliable, secure, futureproof, and truly scalable broadband and Wi-Fi service, in an affordable way without any significant, one-off costs.”

“Over 99% of businesses in the UK are SMBs, and the last year has shown us that even when out of necessity, connected technologies have a vital role to play in supporting businesses of all shapes and sizes,” added Aine Rogers, Head of Small Business, Cisco UK & Ireland.


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