Virgin Media O2 is giving your business a major broadband speed boost

Virgin Media O2
(Image credit: Virgin Media O2)

Virgin Media O2 has launched the fastest widely available broadband for small businesses, promising download speeds of up to 1Gbps for any customer covered by its network.

SMBs who don’t need the headline speed can opt for 400Mbps, 600Mbps or 800Mbps download speeds, supported by various upload speeds, service level agreements (SLAs) and static IP options.

On top of this, Voom Fibre customers can add business phone lines with unlimited callas and business-specific features such as call diversion and call waiting services.

Virgin Media O2 broadband

“Small businesses are what keep the UK economy going – and we know that now, more than ever, they can’t afford to slow down,” added Gregg Pearce, director of SOHO (small office/home office) at Virgin Media O2.

“Our customers have told us that what they value most is speed, reliability and flexibility, which is why we’re introducing the UK’s fastest widely available business broadband speeds with the launch of Voom Gig1 business broadband.”

Another add-on is the ability to add a 4G backup feature that will automatically switch to O2’s mobile network in the “unlikely” event of a service failure.

BT and Sky offer similar features and it’s an early example of the fixed-mobile converged services that are possible following the merger between Virgin Media and O2 last year.

The company has previously said its focus was on making its fixed line network as reliable as possible so that there was no need to introduce a backup capability, but business customers who are increasingly reliant on their connection will value the additional piece of mind.   

A recent study by altnet National Broadband found that one third of people who could otherwise work from home in the UK are having to travel into work for important video call meetings because of poor broadband speeds, while a quarter say their connection impacts productivity.

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