Virgin Media Business’ new fibre package has everything you need to go online anywhere


Virgin Media Business has launched a new fibre package which also bundles in a mobile SIM to enable business customers to stay online wherever they happen to be.

Voom Fibre 3+ consists of a dedicated business landline – which has unlimited calls as standard – along with a 350Mbps broadband connection, and a 4G SIM card. The latter offers unlimited calls and texts, along with 32GB of mobile data per month (with tethering allowed to spread the mobile broadband goodness around to all your devices, if you so wish).

How much will this set you back? Virgin Media Business is asking for £69 per month (excluding VAT) for the new Voom package (and that includes line rental on the phone line). That saves you more than £25 a month on the cost of obtaining all these services separately.

Bonus boons

Other points to bear in mind are that Voom Fibre 3+ gives you five static IPs with your broadband connection, plus you get access to 250,000 Wi-Fi hotspots around the country. And on the support front, the service level agreement specifies a 12-hour fault fix time.

Rob Orr, Executive Director, Commercial & Marketing, at Virgin Media Business commented: “The launch of Voom Fibre 3+ is great news for our customers – it delivers on demand services for in demand small businesses, anywhere and everywhere.”

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