Unseen Star Wars 1313 Boba Fett gameplay revealed by lead animator

Boba Fett in Star Wars 1313 peering over a rooftop
(Image credit: Lucasfilm / Disney)

Previously unseen gameplay footage of the canceled third-person shooter Star Wars 1313 has been uploaded online by the game’s former lead gameplay animator, James Zachary.

The two clips show Boba Fett as a playable character alongside several gameplay segments.

The first video follows the famous bounty hunter along the streets of a dense underground city. The segment, in which the player seems to navigate a linear corridor populated with NPCs, was captured to highlight the “living world gameplay” of Star Wars 1313, according to Zachary.

The second video cuts to a chase sequence over the rooftops of what appears to be Coruscant. The gameplay predominantly features platforming, with the player jumping over obstacles, swinging across chasms, climbing walls, and sliding in pursuit of a fleeing NPC.

Although no combat is in the video, the HUD shows an equipped rifle and a few thermal detonator grenades. Three icons are also shown on the right-hand side of the screen, which look to include a flame and rocket, probably marking Fett’s wrist flamethrower and rocket launcher weapons. 

Zachary says the game’s animation was developed around three ‘pillars: environmental interactions (shown in the second clip), situational awareness and character relationships.

A third and final video, which had previously been shared on Twitter, shows a minute-long, untextured gameplay segment, in which the player and their droid companion are ambushed in a large room. The clip shows the game’s cover-shooting mechanics and destructive environments, with a piece of cover being blown apart by incoming shots.

It also shows a level of interaction between the player and their NPC droid companion, with the droid healing the player after they take damage, and the player jumping off the back of the droid to perform a finishing move.

All three clips alongside the game’s official E3 2012 demo are viewable on Zachary's blog or below.

Analysis: more delicious crumbs

Star Wars 1313 has gained a reputation as a tragically lost title. Officially revealed at E3 in 2012, development on the game had all but stopped by the following year after Disney purchased Lucasfilm. Since then, the game has been shelved and is unlikely to ever return to development.

That’s left many Star Wars fans craving every ounce of the game they can get, leaping upon leaks and details about its early build. These new videos not only give an extended look at the game, in comparison to what’s been revealed in the past, but explicitly show how Boba Fett would handle as a playable character.

The new videos do, however, shed more light on the game’s novel elements. Unlike many Star Wars games, it would have involved platforming, third-person shooting, and interactive environments. Also, its setting on the dense city world of Coruscant is notable, too, with few Star Wars games taking the player the city-planet.

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