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Twitter signs up AWS for its cloud needs

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Twitter has signed a new multi-year deal with AWS (opens in new tab) to leverage the cloud computing (opens in new tab) company's infrastructure and portfolio of services to help support the delivery of millions of Tweets each day.

While this new agreement builds on both companies' more than decade-long collaboration, it also marks the first time that the social media giant has turned to the public cloud (opens in new tab) to scale up its real-time service.

Twitter will take advantage of AWS' capabilities in compute, containers, storage and security to reliably deliver its real-time service with the lowest latency while also continuing to develop and deploy new features to improve its platform.

VP of sales and marketing at AWS Matt Garman explained in a press release (opens in new tab) how the expanded partnership will allow Twitter to scale its global footprint, saying:

“Twitter’s decision to rely on AWS infrastructure and services for its real-time workloads will help them instantly scale their global footprint up and down without ever compromising the experience for people who use Twitter. By using AWS container services to create a seamless hybrid on-premises and cloud environment, Twitter can innovate and deliver new experiences quickly and cost-effectively.”

Twitter and AWS

Millions of people and organizations use Twitter to share and react to what's happening in the world right now and Twitter will leverage AWS infrastructure and services to continue to improve the performance and security of its platform for them.

Together the two companies will create an architecture that extends Twitter's on-premise infrastructure to enable the social media company to seamlessly run and scale its real-time service globally as well as rapidly move new features into production.

Twitter will use AWS Graviton2-based instances (opens in new tab) on Amazon EC2 (opens in new tab) to power its cloud-based workloads while the company will use AWS container services to develop and deploy new features and applications across its hybrid infrastructure. Additionally Twitter will continue to use other AWS services such as Amazon CloudFront (opens in new tab) and Amazon DynamoDB (opens in new tab).

CTO at Twitter Parag Agrawal explained how working with AWS will allow the company to further expand globally, saying:

“We are excited to work with AWS to expand the infrastructure Twitter uses to serve the public conversation as we grow globally. The collaboration with AWS will improve performance for people who use Twitter by enabling us to serve Tweets from data centers closer to our customers at the same time as we leverage the Arm-based architecture of AWS Graviton2 instances. In addition to helping us scale our infrastructure, this work with AWS enables us to ship features faster as we apply AWS’s diverse and growing portfolio of services.”

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