Toshiba TVs combine technology and aesthetics to deliver exceptional viewing experiences.

Toshiba TV in high rise loft living room
(Image credit: Toshiba)

In many places these days, TVs seem to be a dime a dozen. Every commercial you see and every electronics store you enter seems to be touting the “latest” and the “best” in TV technology. 

But with all the talk about color gamuts, viewing angles, and resolutions, it can be easy to get lost and end up settling for a less than exceptional TV.

Toshiba TV started its journey in 1952, which means it has 70 years of history in TV production with many world’s first features. Toshiba TV has built up its formidable reputation as a brand that provides professional theater quality and a better viewing experience.  

As one of the world's leading TV brands, Toshiba TV, with an uncompromising passion for innovations and technologies, always provides excellent functionality, reliability, durability, and environment-friendly features for quality time.

Most recently, it has taken its design inspiration from some of the world’s most celebrated master craftsman as shown in the #BeRealCraftsmanship campaign. 

Father and son play on floor in living room next to Toshiba TV

(Image credit: Toshiba)

Renowned Japanese architect Shuhei Aoyama strives to see the most simple and elegant design elements in everything he creates, his own inspiration coming from the world around him. He admires the simplicity and serenity of nature and always tries to design his buildings in a way that connects people closer to nature and the world around them. 

Toshiba TV carries this same philosophy into its design language by crafting TVs with edges that melt away from the viewers, and simple, non-reflective borders that do nothing to distract the viewers from whatever they are watching. 

Italian chef Giuseppe Tino firmly believes that a good dish should be creative and visually appealing and uses technology to develop his unique dishes. Much like Chef Tino, Toshiba TV strives to leverage the latest technologies to bring immersive experiences to viewers. 

Toshiba TV in living room

(Image credit: Toshiba)

Toshiba TV is driven by the principle of creating something “real, beyond imagination.” This means everything it does is driven by crafting a truly immersive experience for viewers with its REGZA Engine that enables smoother images, greater contrast, and refined 4K upscaling. 

But this commitment to delivering exceptional viewing experiences goes just beyond the display.  

A perfect example of this is the “Time-Shift” feature the company pioneered over a decade ago that lets viewers record up to six channels at a time for a 24 hour period so they never have to worry about missing out on their favorite shows. 

It recognized that viewers were frustrated by missing weekly episodes of their favorite shows so Toshiba TV developed a unique technology to ensure they got the best experience. 

A good viewing experience is more than just what’s on the screen. Taking inspiration from Lianjun Yu, curator and leading authority of the ancient Chinese Xun instrument, Toshiba TV combines the best technology and uncompromising craftsmanship to deliver the best audio experience. 

For over 70 years, Toshiba TV has been dedicated to crafting immersive, unbeatable viewing experiences for its customers. Follow Toshiba TV on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or Instagram to learn more about its commitment to master craftsmanship.