Three ends popular 'Go Binge' deal service

(Image credit: Three)

Three has called time on a popular perk of its mobile phone deals that allowed customers to access certain applications without using any of heir data allowance.

First introduced in 2017, ‘Go Binge’ zero-rated services such as Netflix, Apple Music and Snapchat, claiming the offer would give customers confidence to use data-intensive applications without worrying about how much data they were using.

However, following a review of its product range, Three will no longer offer the service to new and upgrading pay-monthly customers. Those on a pay-as-you-go tariff are unaffected.

Three Go Binge

The zero-rating of certain services is a practice not just limited to consumer applications. During lockdown, several operators promised that customers could access essential services such as the NHS website without consuming any of their allowance.

“As many of our plans offer generous or unlimited data, we recognise that the way we stream and consume services is changing and we are updating our propositions to reflect this,” said a company spokesperson. “We are now exploring new ways to continue rewarding our customers, whilst providing exceptional value and better connectivity for every customer.”

Three says it is in the process of explaining the changes to all impacted customers and that they can continue to use Go Binge for the remainder of their contract. However, since the offer was withdrawn on October 1 2020, there will be no opportunity for anyone concerned to take any action.

The operator says any customer who consumes a lot of data should instead consider one of its unlimited tariffs.

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