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Popular password manager 1Password has announced a new integration with to help protect its users from financial fraud when shopping online.

As detailed in a new 1Password blog post, users can now create single-use virtual credit cards from within their browser, for use in online transactions.

When a new burner card is created, it is locked to a single retailer (e.g. Amazon, Etsy, AliExpress etc.), which means the scope for financial fraud is reduced dramatically if a cybercriminal were to get hold of the credentials.

Shoppers can create an unlimited number of virtual cards, with the details of each saved within the password manager for easy access.

For now, the 1Password X browser extension (which generates the virtual cards) is compatible with Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Edge, with support for Safari in the works.

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1Password hopes the new integration will expand the level of protection afforded by its existing service, without adding friction to the online shopping experience.

For example, users can set up a spending limit on each virtual card that can be renewed at regular intervals. This is perfect for subscription scenarios, where a regular sum is paid out every month or year; the virtual card can be topped up with just enough to pay for the subscription, leaving nothing for a fraudster.

Reusing virtual cards on a regular basis, meanwhile, is made simple by the 1Password browser extension, which automatically drops in the details at checkout. In other words, users won’t have to memorize the details of tens or hundreds of different cards.

“Partnering with is a no-brainer for us - our goals couldn’t be more aligned,” wrote 1Password’s Andrew Beyer.

“This partnership means we can now do for your money what we’ve always done for your passwords. Namely: create unique information for every service you use to keep your most important data as safe as can be.”

To mark the occasion, 1Password is also offering 25% off for the first year with both personal and professional plans, along with access to the integration.

The only caveat is that the service is currently available in the United States exclusively, although 1Password has dropped significant hints about an upcoming expansion into new territories.

“We won’t put words in Privacy’s mouth, but do keep an eye out for announcements in new countries,” said the firm.

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