This microcut shredder has a unique feature no other rival seems to offer

Boxis AF70 microcut shredder - $109.99 at BestBuy

Boxis AF70 microcut shredder - $109.99 at BestBuy
(roughly £115)
This shredder from Boxis can churn through 70 pages at once and can even handle credit cards and cardboard without a hitch. It's a must have for anyone looking to shield against identity theft.

The Boxis AF70 auto shredder can blitz through a staggering 70 pages per pass, turning the paper into tiny confetti-like pieces that meet DIN Level P-4 security standards, making it nearly impossible to reconstruct for Identity theft or other purposes.

You could use this shredder to build the most complicated puzzle in the world, but the Boxis AF70 is best at destroying sensitive physical information that might otherwise fall into the wrong hands.

It has a huge 13.7L basket to collect all the bits and pieces, so you won't need to empty it out constantly, and can even shred credit cards and staples.

It can handle up to 70 sheets of paper in one go thanks to a useful document feeder, which one user called the "best thing ever". Just bear it mind, it can only work for 10 minutes at a time without overheating.

The AF70's microcut technology will produce pieces that are six times smaller than standard cross cut shredders (4mm x 12mm), meeting the stringent requirements of the new European Security Standard, the DIN 66399 (more specifically, P-4).

Boxis has not confirmed whether it will shred CDs or DVDs, although it will obliterate credit cards, staples and even cardboard folders without any problems.

You may need lubrication to flush out the paper dust, but the machine comes with a free 12-pack of ShredCare brand lubricant sheets and 1 sample of ShredCare brand waste liner for easy disposal.

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