This is the cheapest 6-core PC on the market, but it has one big flaw

Acer Aspire TC-875-UR12 - $429.99 from Micro Center
(roughly £330)

Acer Aspire TC-875-UR12 - $429.99 from Micro Center
(roughly £330)
This highly affordable desktop PC from Acer will outperform any other machine at this price point. It's powered by the 6-core Intel Core i5-10400 processor and features 8GB RAM and 1TB storage to boot.

Personal computers with 6-core processors are slowly displacing quad-core models in the mainstream market as competition heats up.

Take, for example, the Acer Aspire TC-875-UR12 (otherwise known as the DT.BF3AA.002), which embraces the traditional mini-tower design with a conservative and understated look.

It is powered by an Intel Core i5-10400 processor which, as its name implies, is a 10th generation Intel CPU. It's based on the Comet Lake architecture and features an Intel UHD Graphics 630 GPU.

With six cores, 12 threads, a base/turbo clock speed of 2.9/4.3GHz and 12MB cache, this machine is no slouch and will outperform anything in the same price range.

Popular benchmarking software CPU Benchmark puts it almost on par with a former champion, the Intel Core i7 8700, which has roughly the same features but with a 10% speed boost.

There’s also 8GB of RAM (one slot, DDR4-2666), Windows 10 Home, a wired keyboard and a mouse, Gigabit Ethernet port, card reader, DVD writer, Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth 5.1 (probably an Intel AX200 card) and a whopping 17 connectors (including five for audio).

The one element we’re uncomfortable with is the fact it uses a 1TB hard disk drive with a 7,200RPM spinning speed. Yes it's fast, but an SSD would be far faster and much smaller too.

Note, this Acer Aspire PC has a 300W power supply unit, a total of four internal expansion slots (no free SATA ports apparently) and two expansion bays.

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