This identity management firm is the first big player to ditch passwords

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ForgeRock has become the first Identity management platform to make the leap into the brave new world of passwordless security.

With what the company calls its Enterprise Connect Passwordless, users of the ForgeRock Identity Platform within large organizations will no longer need to have to deal with passwords when securing their servers, workstations, remote desktops or VPN services.  

Developed in conjunction with Secret Double Octopus, a software company specializing in passwordless authentication for business, the new technological upgrade can also be used by employees to access legacy applications. 

Making the transition

“The move to passwordless authentication will fundamentally change every digital experience on the planet, starting with the most common experience of all - logging in,” said Peter Barker, Chief Product Officer at ForgeRock. 

“With the addition of Enterprise Connect Passwordless, ForgeRock is the only solution to offer a full spectrum of passwordless capabilities that help employees and consumers say goodbye to remembering their passwords.”

Aside form the improvements in security, ForgeRock also cites the reduction in operational costs and improvement in productivity, as workers will no longer be at risk of being locked out of their accounts an having to raise IT tickets to get them back in. 

ForgeRock also explains that the new Enterprise Connect Passwordless doesn't mean that businesses have to throw out their passwords wholesale. With its "identity orchestration capabilities", firms can "easily design and implement passwordless login and access journeys tailored to their unique security and experience needs."

With this kind of orchestration, ForgeRock claims that company's can pick and choose which users and accounts will be passwordless with ease, requiring no special IT skills to achieve the transition. 

ForgeRock has been implementing passwordless solutions for more than a decade in the consumer realm, and its Identity Platform has deployed passwordless solutions for mobile and web apps. The company already supports FIDO2 WebAuthn standards and passkeys, the foremost technologies currently used in passwordless authentication which are supported by big tech firms such as Apple, Google, Amazon and Meta.

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