This could be the most powerful SSD ever made, but your PC can't use it

Phison X1, SSD Platform,
Phison X1 SSD Platform (Image credit: Phison)

Phison has partnered with Seagate to launch its most advanced SSD yet. 

The Phison X1 SSD boasts an impressive amount of performance while barely pulling any power. The U.3 Enterprise PCle Gen4x4 eTLC SSD is the most advanced SSD Phison has ever built, an advance made possible, because of the two performance and a power efficient ARM R5 CPU and dozens of small CPU co-processors.

The company says the X1 platform has been built to give users the best of both worlds - outstanding performance and power consumption. This is accomplished by using two high-end ARM cores paired up with dozens of small co-processing chips that complete tasks at lightning speed while consuming very little juice.

Raising the bar

“Current industry solutions miss the mark and the X1 reinforces Phison’s commitment to elevate the bar in enterprise storage by delivering the world’s best-in-class enterprise SSD,” said Sebastien Jean, Chief Technology Officer of Phison. 

“Coupled with Seagate’s deep industry knowledge and Phison’s advanced architecture, the X1 SSD was created to bolster the industry’s enterprise-class product offerings for a variety of applications such as AI, Cloud Storage and 5G edge computing.”

Phison also highlighted how IT professionals know that lagging computing environments with tens or hundreds of employees running similar programs from centralized servers is an issue - and that the X1 SSD provides the fastest application speeds to help accomplish more.

The company says the X1 offers an optimal storage solution for use in artificial intelligence applications due to its high random read IOPs and faster performance versus competitors, and can also transform raw data into actionable intelligence with greater efficiency.

“We combined Seagate’s proprietary data management and customer integration capabilities with Phison’s cutting-edge technology to create highly customized SSDs that meet the ever-evolving needs of the enterprise storage market,” said Sai Varanasi, senior vice president of product and business marketing at Seagate Technology. 

“Seagate is excited to partner with Phison on developing advanced SSD technology to provide the industry with increased density, higher performance and power efficiency for all mass capacity storage providers.”

Collin Probst

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