Dead Island 2's latest trailer is a far cry from the mistakes made with the original

Dead Island 2
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The new cinematic title sequence for Dead Island 2 further cements the game's tone and atmosphere as something very different from the original game in the series. 

Dead Island 2 was originally first announced all the way back in 2014 with luscious palm trees, a bright and upbeat tone complete with some fun music. Despite swapping developers a number of times in the nine-year wait for the game, the team over at Dambuster Studios appears to be honoring the original vision. 

Cut to the new cinematic and we see everything from eyeballs inside of martini glasses, bloodstained swimming pools, chemtrails over the (abandoned) country club, and a diner that's seen better days. While somber in its lyricism, Danger Mouse and Karen O's Drown sets the scene wonderfully as the post-apocalyptic Los Angeles is revealed. 

L.A. Condemned 

It's a far cry from the missteps taken when marketing the original Dead Island which built up an obscene level of hype through the release of one of the best trailers ever made. Cue the slow and sad piano ostinato which scores a family being tragically taken out by a zombie infection while on holiday played entirely in reverse. Even well over a decade since the reveal, the stark visuals have stayed with me. If only the game that followed was of the same quality. 

From what I've seen of Dead Island 2, it looks like a title that still understands itself despite the years spent in limbo. Much like the original game,  it looks like this long-awaited sequel is better placed with friends. As you might expect, there is safety in numbers when taking on the zombocalypse. By no means does Dambuster Studios' upcoming release look like high art, but as someone who adores old-school zombie action, leaning more into the grindhouse schlock isn't necessarily a bad thing. 

Dead Island 2 is set to launch on April 21 for PS5, Xbox Series X, PC, and last-generation consoles. Though my expectations have been tempered, I'm still looking forward to playing this zombie co-op game, and I certainly appreciate a more honest look at what we can expect when the game releases next month. 

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