Testing, testing! Netflix adds Ultra HD trial footage ahead of 2014 roll out

sting, testing! Netflix adds Ultra HD trial footage ahead of 2014 roll out
Netflix will be a major 4K player next year

While it hasn't made any official proclamation on the matter, streaming giant Netflix has apparently been adding Ultra HD/4K footage to its library, ahead of the planned roll out in 2014.

GigaOm reports that a number of videos, including "El Fuente 24 fps" have been added to the on-demand portal promising to show "an example of 4K at 24 frames per second."

The test footage, which appears to be a promotional video for Mexico, can be viewed by anyone and appears to be for the purposes examining the quality of 4K streaming under different conditions.

Naturally, users will need a 4K television in order to reap the benefits.

Disrupting the landscape

Earlier this week, Netflix CEO Reed Hasting's reiterated the company's desire to disrupt the TV landscape further by pushing 4K content in 2014.

During the company's quarterly earning's call, Hastings said: "We want to be one of the big suppliers of 4k next year."

Reports have speculated that Netflix will begin the roll out with its original TV shows, but its possible that, through deals with partners, it will also be able to screen some big name movies too.

The company has also been in the news this week for stating it wants big hollywood blockbusters to appear on Netflix on the same day as they hit theatres. Well, at least you can't accuse it of a lack of ambition, eh?

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