3D with glasses is dead and 4K won't sell, says HBO tech chief

3D with glasses is dead and 4K won't sell, says HBO's tech chief
Might as well leave them in the pub then

HBO may be making some of the world's most cutting-edge television, but outgoing CTO Bob Zitter has fired a parting shot at television's cutting edge technology.

Speaking at TV Connect in London, Zitter claimed that 3D TV that used glasses is dead and admitted that he is very sceptical over whether consumers will ever buy 4K televisions.

"We never thought that 3D with glasses was ever going to get off the ground," Zitter said. "Consumers have shown they do not want to wear glasses in the home. 3D with glasses is dead."

Big box

Zitter's problem with 4K, or Ultra HD, is that he thinks most houses aren't big enough for televisions that would showcase the technology properly.

"I'm very sceptical that consumers are going to want to buy it," he added, suggesting that only 30 per cent of homes in the US has space for a 4K TV.

It's worth pointing out that Zitter is retiring in the coming days and that the argument for why people won't want 4K is almost exactly the same as the one used against Full HD in the past. And we all know how that ended.

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