Suunto 9 sports watch predicts when you'll work out so you can save battery


The Suunto 9 has just been announced and while it sounds like a full-featured multisport GPS watch, the real focus seems to be on the battery.

Suunto claims that its new wearable can last up to 120 hours with GPS on, which would see it beat most rival devices. That’s apparently partially achieved via Suunto’s ‘FusedTrack’ algorithm, which combines GPS and motion sensor data, allowing you to lower the GPS power (and therefore its battery drain) without significantly lowering the accuracy.

But the Suunto 9 isn’t just long-lasting, its battery is also smart and customizable, as there are three different modes (performance, endurance and ultra), delivering different amounts of life, as well as the ability to create custom battery modes according to your needs.

The Suunto 9 also gives an estimate of how much battery life you have left in the current mode whenever you start a recording, and it can use smart reminders to make sure you never run out mid-marathon.

These reminders aren’t just based on the current battery life, but also on your activity history – so if, for example, it can predict that you’re likely to use the watch heavily the next day it might warn you to juice it up or change the battery mode first.

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Of course, a long-lasting battery is only useful if this is a device that you’ll want to use to begin with, but the Suunto 9 sounds promising on that front, as it has over 80 different sport modes, a heart rate monitor, full GPS route navigation, a storm alarm and more.

It’s also compatible with the Suunto app, letting you easily track and share all your activity, as well as getting call, message and other notifications on your wrist.

The Suunto 9 sounds like it’s built to last as well, as it has a stainless steel bezel and buttons, sapphire crystal glass and a robust case, along with a silicone strap.

At £499 / 599 euros (around $700 / AU$915) it’s not cheap, but then it sounds like it’s positioned as an alternative to the likes of the high-end Garmin Fenix 5X, which is similarly expensive.

If the price tag hasn’t put you off, you’ll be able to pick up the Suunto 9 in black or white from June 26. If on the other hand you don't need anything as high-end as this you might want to check out the Suunto Spartan Trainer Wrist HR or Suunto 3 Fitness.